This web site is an ftp site for Alison Jameson Consultants.
If you require ftp access please contact us with your full publication and contact details.

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What is FTP?
FTP is used to transfer files, programs or other types of information from one computer to another.
FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol.

Is FTP Software Required?
FTP software is not always required to transfer your files to the Internet. Your web host might provide online browser FTP where you can transfer from their website. Unfortunately, you will often be limited to transferring small amounts of data, and it's usually slow-going.

What is the best FTP programs?
PC - Firezilla - Core FTP - AutoFTP
Mac - Cyberduck - Fetch

Why not use e-mail for file transfer?
It is true that e-mail is very easy to use. And with a mouseclick you can send and receive attachments by e-mail.
However, a lot of servers refuse e-mails that are larger that a certain size. Also documents that are sent by e-mail have to be encoded in some way, making the document even larger (about one third) and resulting in small amounts of data loss when the file is encoded at one end and decoded at the other end.
If you use images for print you should always use ftp rather than email - email will result in small pixel loss on an image.